Social Media

You've probably heard about this 'thing' called social media?!

Does the thought of it leave you cold? Have the plethora of self-styled 'gurus' left you baffled and befuddled?

It's all in the conversation

Social media, or social networking as we prefer to call it, is nothing new - mankind (and of course womankind!) has been having conversations for millenia, we're actually rather good at it!  The difference over all that time is just in the platforms that have evolved.

That is, basically, what social media/networking is all about. It's a conversation, a community - its about engaging with both your existing and potential customers for a fraction of the cost of normal channels.

Building community

Our job is to simplify that for you so that you can get on promoting your services and products

And there are the other channels which allow you to push your business further out there such as Twitter, LinkedIN, MySpace and YouTube.

We understand this inter-connected world and are able to advise on the tools and the strategy - you supply the conversation.

Whatever your 'biscuit' we have the tea to dunk it in!

Whatever the 'channel', be it Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Facebook, why not have a chat with usand give us a ring on that old fashioned telephone!

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What our clients say about us...

I was recommended to Jamie as I was requiring my existing web site to have a new up to date look to take the Company forward. Although not a complete techno-phobic I found it very refreshing to talk to someone who would discuss the build of my website in English as opposed to the strangely confusing and off-putting language of a computer nurd who can end up making you feel very uncomfortable as you have no idea what they are talking about. Jamie took me through each stage of the development and quickly grasped what I was looking for. He sent me examples of the new look and left it to me to make the decision of what I liked and didn't like. I have had some training but I don't feel I am now 'on my own' - Jamie has assured me he is here on hand to help me finish the set up and only at the end of a phone. The whole process was professional and pleasurable and I am very pleased that I decided to use Motley.

Garry Helliar from GA Helliar & Son
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Additional Bolt-ons: download web packages pdfStarter PackageWhat you get: Free elements (worth up to £130) Addition of other bolt-on elements chargeable

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Additional Bolt-ons: download web packages pdf
Additional Bolt-ons: download web packages pdfStarter+PackageWhat you get: Free elements (worth up to £130) Addition of other bolt-on elements chargeable

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Additional Bolt-ons: download web packages pdf
Bespoke & E-Commerce Development

Thinking outside of the box? Wanting to stand out from the crowd and swing from the chandeliers? The bespoke development side of things gives you a lot more freedom in what, when, where and how!


If you're looking to utilise the power of the internet to extend your reach and sell online, then we need to discuss your requirements and the options available to you. The very nature of the development process is bespoke to you and your business objectives. We ensure an ease of management for you and simple and elegant usability for your customers.

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