SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Have you got a plan of how to get traffic to your website or are you just keeping your fingers crossed and hoping for the best? Building sustainable and long term traffic doesnt 'just happen'.

You've probably heard people mentioning SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimisation) but why should you care about it?

Quite simply, SEO is all about driving visitors to your site.  It isn't an exact science as many will try to imply, but it is something that you need to address to make sure that you're being found in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

EVERY website project undertaken by, whether it be a 1 page static or a multi page Ecommerce site, is launched with the basics of SEO implemented, something that far too many design companies do not do.  It would be like buying a car without wheels, the car wouldn't go anywhere!  The same can be said of a website without basic SEO, it just won't get any visibility!

We are also able to do in-depth Search Engine Optimisation which involves 2 days of intensive work and research on your behalf.  We would suggest that for most SME businesses, the simple approach and organic optimisation works incredibly well and as such the in-depth should be considered more as a 2nd phase approach should visitor traffic not be what you are expecting or hoping for.

Have some questions? We would have thought so as this is a HUGE area - give us a call.

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What our clients say about us...

We are a start-up business and initially decided we would 'have a go' at building our own website, rather than involving a website designer. However, we quickly realised we needed some professional help and Jamie was superb at talking through our needs, understanding our new business concept and gently guiding us towards a much slicker, professional and easy to navigate website. We ultimately abandoned our own attempts and started afresh with a clean slate. And how glad we are that we did this, as it enabled us to build a totally bespoke and user-friendly website. What's more, Jamie built it in such a way that it means we still have full control in terms of new uploads and changes and additions to the website as the business evolves. Not only was the website delivered on time and on budget, but Jamie offered us so much more in terms of general business advice and ongoing queries have always been immediately answered. And even better, Jamie managed to convey all relevant information in friendly-speak rather than computer-jargon. Jamie@Motley was a perfect find for a new business like Simply Fluff.

Sally Williams from Simply Fluff
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Additional Bolt-ons: download web packages pdfStarter PackageWhat you get: Free elements (worth up to £130) Addition of other bolt-on elements chargeable

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Additional Bolt-ons: download web packages pdf
Additional Bolt-ons: download web packages pdfStarter+PackageWhat you get: Free elements (worth up to £130) Addition of other bolt-on elements chargeable

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Additional Bolt-ons: download web packages pdf
Bespoke & E-Commerce Development

Thinking outside of the box? Wanting to stand out from the crowd and swing from the chandeliers? The bespoke development side of things gives you a lot more freedom in what, when, where and how!


If you're looking to utilise the power of the internet to extend your reach and sell online, then we need to discuss your requirements and the options available to you. The very nature of the development process is bespoke to you and your business objectives. We ensure an ease of management for you and simple and elegant usability for your customers.

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