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Our previous website of some 12 years became difficult to manage and eventually became stale and dated. It was not doing what we felt a website should do. We heard about Motley from one of our trustees who was connected to a previous Motley Customer and asked Jamie to come to a Trustees meeting to outline what was possible. It quickly became clear they knew their craft and could explain many unfamiliar technical terms in our language. They didn’t just tell us what they would do; they invited input from us to so that the new finished website is a combined effort, I say finished but it is still 'work in progress'. We the Trustees are very pleased with the outcome and are a little chuffed that we were able to play a part in its creation. I would suggest to anyone thinking of a new website, 'first go and have a talk with Motley, they have many good ideas and can deliver within a budget'.

Denis Cannon from Akamba Aid Fund
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