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Play to your strengths

These days it's incredibly easy to set up a website - whether by yourself using one of the many 'free' builder systems or getting someone who does it on the 'cheap'.

I can often be heard saying that I am able to draw a stick figure, but just being able to do this doesnt make me a graphic designer (I leave that to Dawn!) which is basically what people are doing when they get their website done on the cheap.

Remember that whatever service you are paying for, its often not just the product that you are spending the money on but also the experience and knowledge that comes with years of providing a service and knowing the pitfalls that are always waiting for the unaware or the unwary!

So, next time you you need a new website or graphic design, ask yourself if the alleged 'free' is worth it - what are you going to have to do taking time out of your day find and understand what isnt getting done by the provider because they just don't know or understand the market place.

Will you be happy with a stick figure or would you prefer to hit the ground running with a little more flesh on the bones!?


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What our clients say about us...

Motley has in recent months constructed a beautifully clear and user friendly web space for the display of my art works and articles. The production of this website was fast and efficient, they instinctively understood my ideas and anticipated what each page would require; subsequently they produced a site conducive to my needs and 'vision'. The aesthetics employed in construction perfectly frame my oeuvre, serving as both a portfolio and online gallery. The behind the scenes support has been invaluable, giving me the confidence to navigate and dress my website. I wholeheartedly recommend Motley services, it has been a delight working with the company from conception to launch.

Natasha de Samarkandi from Natasha de Samarkandi
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