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Marketing Calendar 2019

If you're interested in creating a marketing plan based on events throughout 2019, please feel free to check out the, by no means extensive, list of dates in our calendar.

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What our clients say about us...

Motley built my website for me in October 2012. I love it, and it's had a great response. But I didn't fully appreciate the work going on behind the scenes. Turns out it takes about 4 months for the SEO magic to kick in, and lo and behold, at 4 months pretty much to the day, brand new enquiries started coming in. I've voiced the imaging for a radio station in Croatia, worked with a studio in Argentina, and voiced the idents for an F1 podcast that hit the number one position on iTunes the day it was released. All as a direct result of Jamie's website, and that SEO sorcery that he clearly knows so much about.

Natalie Cooper from Natalie Cooper - Voiceover Artist
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