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It's all About the Experience

In business, we are all selling a product or service and indeed we are none of us unique insofar as there many others out there selling the same as we are.

Ask yourself what makes you decide you want to use a service or buy a product from a particular business. Is it just about price, or is there something else that 'demands' your loyalty?

So what is it that we an use to differentiate ourselves from the competition?

The answer, in the main, is simple really, it's all about the experience that you give to your customers, potential customers and even your window shoppers.

Make sure that their experience of you and your business is the best it can be from first point of contact all the way through to follow up customer service.

Have you made sure that whatever they do with you, the whole process is smooth and easy for them even if it makes you the proverbial swan (serene on the surface yet paddling like mad below the surface)?
If you make yourself stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons you will create a following that is loyal and reap the rewards of repeat custom.

Ultimately, make sure you treat others the way you want to be treated yourself and you wont go far wrong offering exceptional customer service!

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