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Don't let bootstrapping lead to handcuffing

In business terms, the definition of 'bootstrapping' is of "carrying out a task with the minimum of resources or advantages".

When starting out in business, or even further down the road, it is very tempting to make use of the multitude of website builders that are available out there either for "no cost" or at a reduced cost.

Cheap vs done correctly

The thing is, just because it is easy and, in financial terms, cheaper, it really doesn't mean you should. The reality is that it is rarely cheaper than getting a site done for you professionally and, usually, if you are 'renting' your site monthly it won't take long before that cost far surpasses what it would have cost you to have a proper site done for you.

When was the last time you used a search engine to find a service or product?  Probably within the last week? When was the last time you used Yellow pages?  Within the last year, 2 years? Your clients and customers are very little different to you.

Visibility or invisibility?

When it is so critically important to be found online (90% + of people use search engines primarily) if you've bootstrapped your website the chances are that it will end up being similar to the Yellow Pages in that no-one uses it or can find it....

Don't get me wrong as I'm all for bootstrapping - I do it all the time with my own business. However, I don't, and never will, bootstrap on the elements of my business that are critical to my generating and doing business - it just doesn't make economic sense to cut corners in these areas and can lead to you handcuffing the success of your business.

Play to your strengths and get others to use theirs..

You are, or should be, an expert in your field and although you will be more than capable if using a website generating system, you will unlikely be an expert in web design, development and the business of making your company's digital presence outstanding!

If you want to ensure that your website has got the best chance of doing what you need it to, then you really need to employ the services of an expert who is able to pull together the myriad of threads required to give your site the fighting chance it deserves.

Just remember that by using a professional you should be tapping into years of experience that can help set your business above your competition.

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What our clients say about us...

I was recommended to Jamie as I was requiring my existing web site to have a new up to date look to take the Company forward. Although not a complete techno-phobic I found it very refreshing to talk to someone who would discuss the build of my website in English as opposed to the strangely confusing and off-putting language of a computer nurd who can end up making you feel very uncomfortable as you have no idea what they are talking about. Jamie took me through each stage of the development and quickly grasped what I was looking for. He sent me examples of the new look and left it to me to make the decision of what I liked and didn't like. I have had some training but I don't feel I am now 'on my own' - Jamie has assured me he is here on hand to help me finish the set up and only at the end of a phone. The whole process was professional and pleasurable and I am very pleased that I decided to use Motley.

Garry Helliar from GA Helliar & Son
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