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Do yourself a favour and help your website move up the rankings!

Right, to get started, hands up who thinks that Google is a search engine?

Well you're partly right - first and foremost Google is an advertising company who uses search results as its delivery method ...

It sells its advertising space (or sponsored links) by promoting the most relevant search results for a specific search enquiry.

So, you're probably asking, how does Google's way of making money have any impact on why I should use social media and how it can benefit my website?

Well its simple really, its a question of content - which activity in Social Media delivers in spades.

Lets take Hello magazine as an example. They sell advertising space based on the number of readers that they are able to get to buy and read the mag.

They have established their readership through offering fresh and interesting content relevant to their target market, because if they didn't their monthly readership would fall constantly and consequently they wouldn't have any advertising revenue.

Google is no different...their delivery method just happens to be search results rather than a magazine.

So, on that basis when you search on Google, or any other search engine for that matter, their job is to ensure that the search results reflect the most recent, authoritative and interesting content that is currently available, if they didn't and all you got was irrelevant content you would go elsewhere.

Can you now see why a website that hasn't been updated in a while or doesn't have any fresh new content will not be as visible in the rankings as one that does?

Its ALL about fresh up to date content, relevancy to the subject matter of the site itself and the authority of the website in its chosen field.

So how does that fit in with your website?

Well, the cold hard facts of the matter is that if your content hasn't changed for weeks, months or, god forbid, years, then other more up to date and recent sites, which maybe your competitors, will be promoted above yours in the rankings.

You also have to consider that it just isn't good enough to throw up any old content as the search algorithms really are quite clever and can determine if the content is relevant to your area of business and skill - if it isn't, the search engine knows that you're trying to outsmart it and will penalise you as a result - the last thing you want is to have a black mark from the search engines, its probably as bad as a bad credit rating!

So where does social media come into this?

Due to the nature of social media, the 3 main categories that the search engines are looking for are covered.

Using platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and blogging you are automatically creating content that is promoting your business whilst at the same time ticking some very important boxes for improving your rankings within the search engines.

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