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150% Out of the Box Blue Sky Thinking???

It seems that we all are bombarded with these types of expressions that are designed to 'show' that a person is going above and beyond the call of duty, if that is, indeed, possible.
I was always taught that, whatever you chose to do or were asked to do, you did it to the best of your ability.

If I was asked to come up with ideas it was assumed that I would be thinking as creatively and cleverly as I possibly could. I wasn't asked to 'think out of the box', or' blue sky think' - it was expected that I would do my best. Nothing less, nothing more.

So what has happened when it seems that society accepts mediocrity as the standard or default state and we have to ask someone to 'think out of the box' or give it 110% to make sure they do their best?

Why does one have to stipulate that thinking needs to be out of the box or blue sky? Surely, if you are tasked with coming up with ideas, you should be thinking at your optimum?

At what point, and who, decided that 100% just wasn't enough and we had to give more than that?

To be sub optimum, although undesirable, is, of course, a possibility but anything over 100% is an impossibility.

Whatever you do, just make sure you do it to the best of YOUR ability, that's all anyone can ask or expect - good luck.

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Motley has helped us now for several years often going above and beyond what can be expected from an average website builder. We knew nothing computer related and Motley has always been contactable for help. From the concept of our business idea they weres pro-actively involved inputting ideas and suggestions that otherwise may have been overlooked. We chose Motley originally from their understanding and involvement of social media and his Stand Out From The Crowd tagline is exactly how we saw our business wanting to be. We have and continue to recommend Motley to everyone.

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