With more than 20 years of experience in business, Motley.co.uk understands, first and foremost, the fundamentals of good, solid business practice. In conjunction with an established business sense, we are a multi-disciplined creative team able to draw on a spectrum of knowledge and experience, which gives us a complete understanding that each project not only looks great but, produces something of value and of lasting quality.

Understanding your business is key

The first job of any brief for us is to understand your business - without this, how can a solution be produced that is focused on YOUR business? Creativity is all well and good, but if you don't marry it together with solid business understanding and practice, its like having a gorgeous brochure that you put in a drawer and leave it - it isn't doing what it's supposed to.

Generate new leads, sales and business

With our business acumen, understanding and knowledge we are able to gain an insight into the true needs of your business and ensure that the website, logo etc. is doing what it is intended - generating new leads, sales and new business, just what the doctor ordered in these tough times!

Whatever your needs in graphics and web development

Whether you are looking for a spring clean for your website or branding, or a bespoke solution, you can be assured that we are here to help you every step of the way in a language that you CAN understand.

We are well equipped to advise you and deliver all manner of graphics and digital mediums to help you stand out from the crowd.

Creating the right image for your business

With our experience it has never been easier to create the right image for your business.

Fancy a chat and no-nonsense appraisal of your current website or company image? Give us a call

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What our clients say about us...

Motley built my website for me in October 2012. I love it, and it's had a great response. But I didn't fully appreciate the work going on behind the scenes. Turns out it takes about 4 months for the SEO magic to kick in, and lo and behold, at 4 months pretty much to the day, brand new enquiries started coming in. I've voiced the imaging for a radio station in Croatia, worked with a studio in Argentina, and voiced the idents for an F1 podcast that hit the number one position on iTunes the day it was released. All as a direct result of Jamie's website, and that SEO sorcery that he clearly knows so much about.

Natalie Cooper from Natalie Cooper - Voiceover Artist
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Jamie Forster Web Development
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Jamie Forster - Web Development

As the founder of Motley.co.uk, and with more that 20 years experience in business, my approach to web development is to ensure that as a tool, business sense is combined with creativity. Although this is not unique, it is by no means an approach that many web development companies are able to boast of.

A proud nerd and self confessed gadget lover, I have been 'playing' with computers since the days of the Sinclair ZX80 and taught myself web development back in the web's early mists of time in the early 90's. I successfully combined my love for tech and the internet with a 'proper' job in the financial markets in London and around the globe moving down to Dorset in 1999 and setting up an outdoor equipment import business.

All the while I maintained my love and interest of all things techy and relished the opportunity to create Motley.co.uk into the web development and graphic design company it is today.

Lucky enough to love what I do and get a kick out of helping our clients, my family are the most important aspect of my life without who's support Motley would not even have been possible.

Dawn Wilkins Graphic Design
Dawn Wilkins - Graphic Design

I am a highly experienced, professional graphic designer and I love my job!

Throughout my twenty years as a graphic designer, I have been employed and a freelancer at a variety of publishers and design studios in London and across the South. I have been involved in all aspects of the design production process and have worked on a diverse range of projects.

I am passionate about my work and I take great pleasure in providing modern, creative designs that deliver results for anyone requiring it. Being a multi-disciplined creative I am able to draw on a spectrum of knowledge and experience, which gives me a complete understanding that each project not only looks great but, produces something of value and of lasting quality.

My work and family keep me busy, but when I get the chance I enjoy reading and watching films, have a keen interest in art and interior design, (especially in relation to renovating our own house).

I love to travel and cook, and when I can combine the two then even better!

Sean Dominey Digital Marketing
Sean Dominey - Digital Marketing

Loving what I do really helps, seeing the number of sales or enquires a website receives increase after I have worked on it is a real buzz and knowing that what I do helps companies recruit more staff and hit their own goals is very rewarding.

I have been helping websites with their digital marketing for more than 20 years, I have written a book on how to do business online and have worked as head of marketing for 3 different digital agencies and have been a guest speaker at several industry conferences.

Digital marketing can be a complicated thing to explain to someone who is not technical, that is why my focus is on getting you the results that make a difference to your business while explaining the process in a non-technical way.

When I am not working on the digital marketing for my clients I can be found walking the dog or enjoying a good film.